4 Questions to ask in your next job interview

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Gone are the days where a job interview was all about finding out what a candidate could bring to a company. In today’s competitive market and with the current shortage of skills in construction, the power has shifted to candidates. While they still need to prove their worth, interviews are equally about what the company can offer them.

Still interviews can be stressful and as a result candidates often are weary of asking critical questions that can help them decide if the role is in fact the best career move for them. If you’re about to embark on a round of interviews, ensure you give these questions careful consideration and ask them in your own way during interviews.

What values best define the company culture?

It’s easy for companies to create fine sounding mission and values statements, but it’s the company culture that reflects if those values are really entrenched in the organisation. Elements such as leadership styles, focus on diversity, equality and inclusion and employee wellbeing make up a big part of a company culture. When company values align with personal values that’s when you’re able to work most productively.

How does the company view flexible working arrangements?

Most companies have realised that there are benefits to employees working from home and on their own timetable. While (hopefully) the worst of the pandemic is behind us, studies show that flexible working is likely to stay. Know what’s important to you. Do you prefer an office / site environment or working from home?  Be sure to communicate this in the questions you ask.

What value does the company place on technology?

Technology is an integral part of the future of construction, and companies that have any other view are headed for extinction. Understanding how far along they are in terms of digital transformation and what investments they’re making in technology and training employees, highlights where opportunities for career progression lie. You may even be the person to lead this transformation if that’s an area of your expertise.

How does the circular economy factor into strategy and operations?

Sustainability has become about much more than getting some form of green certificate. Construction and infrastructure are directly impacted by climate change. Equally they have a big role to play in creating a more sustainable future. As with technology, if companies aren’t focused on implementing circular strategies, it’ll be their downfall in future, impacting everything from winning new contracts, to achieving better productivity and profitability.