3 Interview questions to find out if it’s the job for you

Interview questions Ellis Fox Blog

Interviewing can be nerve wracking and as a result candidates often don’t ask the questions they really want to. They sometimes feel it may come across as too pushy or they simply don’t know how to phrase the questions and so they leave them unasked. But an interview really should be a two way conversation where both the company and candidate are evaluating each other’s suitability. It’s perfectly acceptable, even expected that candidates should have questions to ask. Here are 3 simple tips on how to go about it.

Company outlook

Asking about where the company is headed is important as this will largely define your future as well. Knowing if a company has ambitious growth targets, wants to break into a new sector, or plans to launch tenders on major frameworks can help you understand how you can contribute to achieving these goals. This is turn helps you frame your experience to demonstrate how you can add value.

Performance targets

Often a role is defined by qualifications and experience and there’s the assumption that someone with a number of years of experience will be able to deliver on targets. But defining those targets and understanding how performance will be measured is more important, especially for candidates. Asking about these KPI’s in the interview can help you understand expectations and evaluate if you’re up to the task.

An ideal world

A new job comes with expectations on both sides. Finding out what they perceive as the ideal candidate and capabilities can be very useful in framing your experience and expertise. It can also give you insights into the company culture and determine if it’s a company that will support you to develop professionally. Don’t be shy about sharing your ambitions and specific interests, particularly if there are key skills you want to develop.

Whether you’re interviewing for a senior role or just starting out in your career, it’s expected that you’ll have questions to ask to determine if it’s the right role for you. Being confident enough to ask will put you in a more positive light with your interviewer. The interview is your opportunity to find out as much as possible about the hiring process and what to expect if you do get the job. Don’t be shy, make the most of the time you have in the interview.