Year-end fatigue – Does it have you wondering: What’s next?

Year end fatigue Ellis Fox Blog

It’s that time of year when the world seems to spin. There’s just over a month before the year draws to a close and most companies are pushing hard to get projects completed before the festive season shut down. You’re probably already feeling tired and now you’re being asked for more. It may lead to wondering – Is it worth it?

When you’re feeling this way, other opportunities suddenly start to feel very attractive. They may be worth looking into too. But before you make a move, make sure it’s for the right reasons. Otherwise, the frustrations may merely follow you.  Then next year you’ll be at a different company, but still feeling the same.

Why move? Here are three important considerations to work through:


Perhaps your frustration stems from the fact that you feel your skills are being underutilised in your current role? Before you consider moving, does your manager know how you feel? Have you asked for more responsibility on projects? Do they know the extent of your skills and more importantly, do you have experience in applying them? Academic knowledge is beneficial, but real-world experience even more so. If you feel you can contribute more, ask for the opportunity to do so. You might be surprised at the outcome.


Sometimes discontent is not about skills or experience. Rather you simply don’t get on with a particular colleague, manager or even a team. But before exiting consider that every job has conflicting personalities. Yes, sometimes it might create a toxic work environment and then absolutely you should consider moving. But if it’s not that bad, maybe you can find a way to work together. Get to know the other person and find some common ground. The experience of doing that is invaluable and will serve you well as you progress in your career.


If you’re ambitious, moving jobs frequently for better pay, may come back to bite you later in your career. Companies want people willing to stay and grow within the organization, not eager to jump ship at the first opportunity. Work will always have challenges and times when you need to put in some extra effort. Showing commitment and diligence can be far more valuable in terms of career progression. Consider your ambitions in light of where you’re at and then weigh up if it’s the right time to move.