Video Interviewing – The new way is here to stay

Video Interviewing Ellis Fox Blog

Just as business was starting to gain momentum and most people were starting to enjoy the freedoms of socialising and moving about again, a second lockdown was announced. But businesses that were starting to get back to pre-pandemic levels of growth are not going to want to slow down despite restrictions. Most can’t afford to. Which means that they’ll be leveraging whatever technologies and tools they have to maintain momentum, including video interviewing.

How to come across well in a video interview

While some may prefer the comfort of their own home for an interview, for others being on video is something that makes them cringe. It’s the equivalent of looking at yourself in the mirror while being asked difficult questions. If video interviewing makes you uncomfortable, here are 3 tips to help you relax enough to be able to express yourself with confidence.

  1. Practice and prepare – Take time with your appearance and the interview setting. Have a trial call with a friend or family member to ensure that your video shows an uncluttered background and good lighting. If you haven’t received interview questions to prepare, consider common interview questions and key successes or areas of expertise, and then practice your answers. Be sure to get feedback from the person you’re practicing with so that you can curb unhelpful habits before your actual interview. These may include using slang, saying um too much, or even looking around when thinking about your answers.
  2. Make a connection – While the interview may be remote, the interviewer is still intent on getting to know you. Make eye contact during the video, focus on speaking to the interviewer, rather than watching your video to see how you’re coming across. Be aware of your body language and stay engaged in the process. Try set up in a room free from distractions and disruptive noises so that you don’t have to deal with interruptions.
  3. Focus on outcomes – These days, companies are more interested in what you can actually do and how well you work with teams, than qualifications. Interviewers will want to know what you’ve achieved, how you achieved it and how you dealt with challenges along the way. Equally the company needs to be a good fit for you. So sharing your values and career progression plans and asking about future growth opportunities is perfectly acceptable.

Video interviews are here to stay. At least for the short to medium term. Becoming more comfortable and accomplished in conducting them will serve your career well.