Interview research and preparation made easier

Interview prep Ellis Fox Blog

Even if you’re advanced in your career, interview preparation is not something to be skipped. Certainly as a senior professional you may not have hours of spare time to research the company you’re interviewing with, but that doesn’t mean you need to wing it. By contrast taking even a small amount of time to prepare can help you enter the interview with a greater level of confidence. Here are our top three tips for effective interview preparation.

Ask your consultant:

Tap into the knowledge of the person who has put you forward for the role. They’ll not only have a good understanding of what the company is looking for, they’ll also be able to share information based on their interactions with people within the company. This may include insights on the people doing the interviewing, core focus areas of the company as well as the company culture. A quick conversation can reveal a wealth of information. As it’s in the consultant’s interest to help you get the job, they’re usually willing to share as much information as they’re able to help you have a successful interview.

Leverage LinkedIn:

Most companies have a presence on LinkedIn and it’s possible to get company updates by following their page. Similarly it’s possible to connect with people within the company, or if you prefer to simply follow them to see what they’re posting. This is valuable as it represents the public face of the company and often highlights major projects, personal interests and corporate values. It’s a good way to gain additional insight on the company and leadership.

Ask your network:

Without making a post on a social network, it is possible to ask industry colleagues about a company that they have worked with or for without having to disclose you’re interviewing with them. This is often the most valuable input as it is from people who have had direct experiences with the company. They can provide the most honest insights that can help you decide whether it’s accompany you want to work for in the long term.

In addition to researching the company, take some time to run through possible interview questions and answers in your head. This will help you to organize your thoughts in advance so that you appear more confident when you answer. Finally, don’t rush, give yourself ample time to get to the interview and make a good impression.