How to be the construction firm people want to work for

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Career development is one of the top considerations when professionals are looking for new opportunities. People want to know that there’ll be prospects for growth beyond the position that they’re applying for, and if there aren’t, they’re unlikely to sign up for the role. How can construction companies create opportunities for growth while hiring for today?

Adopt a growth mindset

A growth mindset is about much more than increasing turnover or profit margins. It takes a critical look at where investment is needed to develop resources within the company. If you view employees as a cost, you’ll view training and development as an added cost and be reluctant to make the investment. But when you view professional development as an opportunity to add more value and efficiency to the company, it shifts priorities. Suddenly technology becomes an enabler and key skills become a competitive advantage. When companies shift to investing in the resources needed for growth, then the increase in profit margins and turnover will naturally follow in the long term.

Focus on efficiencies

Construction has always struggled with efficiencies. Estimates and project timelines are often inaccurate, waste is budgeted for and delays are typically inevitable. Technology, however, provides tools to help companies become more efficient. Nobody likes excuses, explaining project delays is not something people want to put on their CV. But showing proficiency in BIM or scanning technology, being the company that is equipped to be more efficient, that’s an organization that professionals want to work for.

Get to know your employees

Not all Quantity Surveyors or Civil Engineers are the same, they may hold the same certificate, but their expertise and professional interests will be unique. Getting to know employees better has several benefits. Firstly it makes employees more engaged because they feel valued. It also ensures that people are operating in a role where they generate the most value for the company. Thirdly, it highlights those who have specific interests and who may want to attend training on new technologies, or gaini management expertise.

The modern world that we live in is too fast-paced and dynamic to only be looking at today’s needs. Companies that want to remaining competitive need to position themselves as market leaders, open to innovation and committed to driving sustainable growth. To be a sought after employer, have a future vision with values people can align to.