How companies can improve onboarding of new hires

Onboarding Ellis Fox Blog

Companies are finding out the hard way that attracting top talent is not easy. We’re not just talking about the hiring or interviewing process, or even making the right offer. Getting top candidates over the start line is proving to be a new challenge that companies are struggling to navigate.

The problem is that companies are not used to competing for talent. They’ve previously been in the driver’s seat, trading on their name to attract the talent they need. But today skills are in short supply and most candidates have more than one offer to consider. Even after they’ve accepted an offer it’s not uncommon for them to receive a counteroffer, either from their current employer or a competing firm.

If there’s zero engagement from the company they’ve accepted with, they may doubt they made the right choice. Suddenly the other offers may look more attractive and they walk away. This is not at all uncommon in construction, infrastructure and utilities.

In this article we share 3 ways companies can keep candidates engaged so that they remain convinced they’ve made the right choice by accepting your offer.

  1. Schedule face to face meetings

Even if you’ve had an in-person meeting as part of the hiring process, schedule time to invite them into the office once they’ve accepted the offer. It’s an opportunity to make informal introductions, and for them to get a feel for the office environment.

  1. Keep ongoing communications

If there’s more than a few weeks before they’re due to start, schedule a second meeting where you meet for coffee of lunch. This more informal setting will give them an opportunity to ask questions, and for you to get to know them better.

  1. Invite them to join company events

If you have social, sporting or team events, invite them to join. This will give them an opportunity to get to know their future colleagues in a more informal setting. Even better if these are family events as it gives spouse or partners some insight into the company too.

The takeaway for companies is to keep in contact with new hires regularly prior to them starting in the role. This communicates to them that they’re valued and interested in them as individuals. Today’s successful workplaces are those that are deliberate about building relationships. And it’s never too early to start.