4 day week Ellis Fox Blog

The four-day work week is an opportunity companies need to grab

According to a recent study, where a number of companies in the UK trialed the 4-day work week for 6 months, more than half have made the change permanent. Even more impressive is that almost 90% of them are still continuing with the trial. This […]

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Disconnect Ellis Fox Blog

The disconnect impacting hiring and employee retention

The phrase “We can’t afford that!” is used far too frequently when it comes to hiring. And with it comes the expectation that the candidate will give in and accept a lower offer. It’s a job after all. But let’s not forget that it’s a […]

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Onboarding Ellis Fox Blog

How companies can improve onboarding of new hires

Companies are finding out the hard way that attracting top talent is not easy. We’re not just talking about the hiring or interviewing process, or even making the right offer. Getting top candidates over the start line is proving to be a new challenge that […]

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Employee retention Ellis Fox Blog

3 Ways to retain top talent

Hiring in infrastructure and utilities is not easy, the demand for skills far outweighs the supply and most employees are open to considering new opportunities even if they’re not actively looking to move. The result is that it’s becoming harder to retain top talent. The […]

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Infrastructure resignation Ellis Fox Blog

What companies don’t understand about resignations and counter offers

It seems that the great resignation is far from over. There are more jobs available than there are candidates to fill them and employees know it. If they want to earn more, finding a new job is probably easier than asking for a raise. And […]

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Mentor Ellis Fox Blog

The value of mentoring

The skills shortage has been an ongoing concern in the construction and infrastructures sectors for a number of years. There have been many suggestions on how to solve it, from encouraging more school leavers to consider the industry to actively recruiting from a more diverse […]

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Quiet quitting Ellis Fox Blog

Job requirements vs expectations

In recent weeks there’s been a lot of chatter on social media about the latest trend impacting companies and employees called “Quiet Quitting” – a term that’s confusing in itself and one that has a number of different definitions, depending on who you’re speaking to. […]

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Salary match Ellis Fox Blog

Matching salaries – good or bad policy?

There has been a power shift. With so many jobs available and companies struggling to retain current employees, jobseekers are finding they have more leverage when seeking out new roles. This dynamic is driving companies to rethink their policies and benefits and it is creating […]

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Employee retention Ellis Fox Blog

How to retain your top employees

The ongoing skills shortage in construction is resulting in many construction firms having to dig deeper into their pockets to keep employees happy. Recently, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reflects exceptionally high bonuses being paid to retain employees in the construction industry. […]

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Great resignation Ellis Fox Blog

Combatting the great resignation

Globally, across all industries, companies are finding it harder to retain employees. A side effect of the pandemic has been that people’s values and priorities have shifted. For many it resulted in the realisation that the job they were working themselves to the bone for, […]

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