3 Reasons to consider an opportunity you weren’t looking for

Job opportunity Ellis Fox Blog

At a time where the number of vacancies continue to grow, it’s not uncommon to get a cold call or email from a recruiter. This occurs despite being happy in your current role and not specifically looking for something new.  The question is: Should you dismiss it right away, knowing you wouldn’t seriously consider a move? Or is it worth at least discovering what the opportunity is about?

As much as you may be content in your current role, the reality is that things can change overnight. Company policies might change, key people may leave, your line of reporting might change, budgets cut, or projects may be put on hold or cancelled. These are factors that you have zero control over, but that could impact your role and your contentment with the work you’re doing.

With this in mind, it’s always good to be looking outward, seeing what’s happening in the broader industry and be willing to listen when new opportunities are shared. You may not be actively looking for a new role, but it helps to know what is out there. Here are our top 3 reasons why:

Know your worth

If you have been with the same company for some time, your salary may not equate to current industry offers for similar roles. Even if you have benefitted from annual increases, these often don’t add up to a new offer. We’re not suggesting to consider a new role purely on salary, or to engage in a battle of counter offers, but finding out what’s on the table can confirm if you’re being paid your worth in your current role.

Diversify experience

Many professionals will specialise in industry sectors and there is huge value in this. But as investment is pumped into other sectors there could be an opportunity to apply your expertise in other areas where there are crossovers. It’s a way to diversify your expertise and bring real value to projects to help them succeed.

Build your network

Even if you don’t end up following through with interviews and applying for a role, having discussions with a recruiter is an opportunity to showcase your expertise and get feedback on ways to continue your career progression in the longer term. Recruiters have a pulse on industry trends and know what skills companies are looking for. You may not be looking to move now, but you’ll be better prepared for when you are.