Interims Construction Ellis Fox Blog

Should you consider becoming an Interim?

For most people who have had a salaried job their whole career, the thought of moving to a contract format can be daunting. While the initial concerns may be about job security, these are often unfounded. As a senior professional with 10-15 years’ experience, you […]

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Gender hiring Ellis Fox Blog

How one infrastructure project is challenging industry norms

To have a workforce that is 40% women is rare in construction and infrastructure. As a norm, you’re lucky if there’s 10-15% women on a project. Yet on a major energy infrastructure project that currently has 500 employees and will be ramping up to 8000 […]

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4 day week Ellis Fox Blog

The four-day work week is an opportunity companies need to grab

According to a recent study, where a number of companies in the UK trialed the 4-day work week for 6 months, more than half have made the change permanent. Even more impressive is that almost 90% of them are still continuing with the trial. This […]

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CV elements Ellis Fox Blog

2 Key elements of a successful CV

If you’re considering seeking out a new role this year, the first step is to update your CV. The challenge is that writing about yourself is never easy. You know what your skills are and where your strengths lie, but somehow articulating it in words […]

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Infrastructure challenges Ellis Fox Blog

Where to from here for the UK’s infrastructure?

It was inevitable with rising costs and associated controversy that there was a risk of HS2 not being delivered according to plan. Now that phase 2 has been cancelled, it’s giving rise to a number of debates within the industry. What went wrong? The list […]

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What you bring Ellis Fox Blog

What do you bring?

As much as it’s a job seekers market, companies are still looking for value. When they’re hiring for a new role, one of the most important questions they’re asking of each candidate are: What do you bring to the role? What skills, what knowledge? What […]

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Calm in chaos Ellis Fox blog

How to stay calm in the chaos

As much as we talk about creating a better work life balance for ourselves and fellow work colleagues, this is hard to achieve. The economy is all over the place and there’s a great deal of uncertainty. The costs of living keep rising, for companies, […]

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Construction leadership Ellis Fox Blog

Old style versus new style management

Construction remains a very traditional industry where the wheels of change turn slowly. While the pandemic forced change through remote working and adoption of digital technologies. Now that we’ve moved past that, some business leaders believe that things to go back to the way they […]

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Infrastructure UK Ellis Fox Blog

Transport infrastructure of the future – why efficiency is key

At a conference in London this week, the head of the National Infrastructure Commission, James Health, shared his view of the role of infrastructure. It goes without saying that good infrastructure is necessary for a healthy economy. But the definition of what this looks like […]

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Modern methods of construction Ellis Fox Blog

Is MMC the key to greater efficiency in construction?

Modern methods of construction are certainly making their mark in the industry, especially in infrastructure. On major projects many main contractors are using offsite construction to speed up construction and it makes sense. Instead of weeks of setting up formwork, prefabricated structures can be brought […]

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