Despite the skills shortage and the constrained budgets, some Tier 1 and 2 firms are winning at hiring and attracting top talent.

Is it the company name that’s drawing the right people in? Is it the high-profile projects? Or is it how they work with partners, digging deeper into what they need and knowing the value of that expertise?

We touch on 3 key aspects that we find key to a successful recruitment partnership:


Hiring is not as simple as filling a job title. Each company is different, and while the core skills and qualification needed are often similar, how they’re applied will depend on the projects and company situation.

This is why it requires a more detailed analysis. When companies are hiring, they’re not just looking to fill a role, they need a person that can come in with specific expertise to fill a critical gap in the organization.

It takes a combination of industry experience and recruitment insight to be able to accurately define what the company needs. Then to rank skills needed in order of importance. Rarely do candidates tick all the boxes. What defines which skills are needed most?


The challenge is that even if companies can accurately define what that looks like, finding a shortlist to interview requires a major investment in time and effort. Consider how this plays out in two different scenarios when a commercial director tenders their resignation:

Scenario 1: Create a vacancy posting for a replacement Commercial Director and place it in local industry networks. This will typically result in a small pool of candidates and take several months to create an interview shortlist.

Scenario 2: Connect with a recruitment partner that is constantly networking with senior professionals and commercial directors to gauge their availability and interest in new opportunities. They don’t just know who is looking to move, but also who would be ideally suited to the role even if they’re currently employed elsewhere.

Consistent Process:

For a company, hiring may be an ad-hoc task that they take on a few times a year. For a recruitment partner, this is a daily task.

A recruitment partner has a detailed process that delivers high calibre candidates and works to support the hiring process every step of the way.

In the current highly competitive hiring environment, this consistent process has a big impact on hiring success.