New job? How to overcome cold feet

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Accepting an offer for a new role is exciting, but saying goodbye to old colleagues and starting in a new environment can be daunting. It’s not uncommon to get cold feet and wonder if you’ve made the right decision, especially if your old employer is trying to convince you to stay.

The question really isn’t whether you should stay or go. It’s: what will be the right move for you and your career?

As humans we are notoriously bad at appreciating the value of something or someone while we have it. We only miss it when it’s gone or we fear losing it. It’s the same with companies. Budgets are being cut and the natural inclination is to expect employees to do more with less, settle for lower increases, accept cancelled bonuses, and put in longer hours to ensure a project’s success.  Then when people choose to move on, it’s a scramble to keep them.

If this is the type of situation you find yourself in; i.e. being made to feel guilty for moving on, it should serve to remind you that moving forward really is the best choice for you. Recently there has been a lot of talk about burnout and the great resignation. Companies are quick to defend themselves, but expectations for high performance remain and this is not always healthy.

Career progression is not just about climbing the ranks, it’s about expanding your personal knowledge and professional expertise so that you can continue to be motivated to add value. Sometimes the best way to do that is to move to a new company offering different projects to work on. At the same time people are recognising that work isn’t everything. If a role at a new company offers greater flexibility and is embracing the 4 day work week, for example, it’s something to be grabbed with both hands.

It’s so entrenched that more hours lead to greater output, but studies are proving that the opposite is true. When you’re more relaxed, you think more clearly, perform better and can be much more productive. Equally, having a future outlook and focusing on doing your best work now, will be much more fulfilling than looking over your shoulder, wondering if you’ve made the right decision.

You’ve accepted the offer, now start the new role with confidence. Move forward and do what’s best for you.