Braveheart – White Paper

Old style leadership is quite entrenched in the construction industry with change taking place slowly. Some say this is part of the problem. Leadership is not keeping up to modern working expectations and ways of working. What needs to change and what approach to leadership […]

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Good management Ellis Fox Blog

What’s changing in the way of working and management?

The new year is a time when people often reflect on what they should change in their lives. New year’s resolutions abound – and usually last a few days. Many companies experienced the great resignation in 2022 and know how difficult it is to find […]

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Leadership Ellis Fox Blog

Will Construction Leaders step up?

The past few years have highlighted the good, the bad and the very ugly of leadership in construction. The Carillion collapse that made massive headlines at the time, highlighted that no matter the size of an organization poor leadership can make it fail. Navigating the […]

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Management soft skills Ellis Fox Blog

What soft skills can help your career progression?

The marketplace is changing. Whereas once the focus was on qualifications, skills and experience, today companies are looking for more. Knowledge isn’t much use if you can’t disseminate it to your team and get them to implement your vision. So let’s talk for a minute […]

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Hiring for tomorrow Ellis Fox Blog

How to successfully hire for today and tomorrow

There have been a lot of changes in senior management within the construction industry lately, with CEO’s, CFO’s and managing directors moving within the industry to other main contractors. This in turn has created opportunities for others to take on more senior roles. But are […]

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CEO strategy

Hands-on or Hands-off – What’s the best CEO strategy?

There’s an interesting correlation between CEO’s strategy and business success that may not seem obvious. And surprisingly it comes down to what’s most important in an organization not who. Certainly the CEO position affords a great deal of respect, not only do they typically put […]

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Leadership shakeup – is it enough to move construction forward?

In recent months there has been a lot of movement in the upper echelons of construction. While some executives were forced to move on due to a corporate reshuffle, other chose to resign and take up perceivably better opportunities. But is this really making an […]

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What style of leadership will move the construction industry forward?

When considered, the construction industry is firmly entrenched in very traditional models of leadership. Ones that often take a very hierarchical and supervisory approach to managing teams. Communication is often a one way street with instructions being issued that need to be followed rather than […]

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Effective leadership in construction – what’s needed?

Leaders in the construction industry carry a great deal of responsibility. They work with £bn budgets, oversee projects that impact thousands of lives, and ultimately decide the success or failure of a project based on their decision making abilities and management skills. And given what’s […]

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