Calm in chaos Ellis Fox blog

How to stay calm in the chaos

As much as we talk about creating a better work life balance for ourselves and fellow work colleagues, this is hard to achieve. The economy is all over the place and there’s a great deal of uncertainty. The costs of living keep rising, for companies, […]

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Manager break Ellis Fox Blog

When do Senior Managers take a break?

It’s the end of the year and while most families are preparing for Christmas festivities, most senior managers are sitting with budgets, schedules and project plans. There’s a temptation when things slow down for the holidays to spend the time catching up on all the […]

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Workplace conflict Ellis Fox blog

How to make the best of a bad work situation

While you may be able to choose which company you work for, the unfortunate reality is that team members come and go and as a result you can’t always choose your work colleagues.  Some people can be difficult to work with, just because of the […]

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