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How tech enables a circular economy in construction

There’s a different train of thought that drives the circular economy, and that is to view everything as a resource. Not just materials such as steel, cement, or aggregate, but whole buildings, highways, railways, power stations, etc. If the construction industry aims to become circular […]

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Green infrastructure Ellis Fox blog

Green Infrastructure: Opportunities and Challenges

With COP26 being hosted in Glasgow this past week, the focus is once again on climate change and net-zero efforts. What’s become evident in recent years is that single approach or solution will not be enough to meet the targets within the tight timeframe we […]

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Green jobs Ellis Fox Blog

Green Jobs in Construction – Opportunities and Challenges

A report was recently published by the Green Jobs Taskforce citing that every UK job has the potential to be green. This aligns with the government’s proposed Green Revolution and is particularly relevant for the construction industry. As the built environment is one of the […]

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UKIB Ellis Fox Blog

Money Makers – How will the Infrastructure Bank change UK construction?

There is a great deal of responsibility resting with the UK’s Infrastructure Bank (UKIB). It has been trusted with a relatively large pot of money – £22 million to be precise – and tasked to fulfill two key mandates: Levelling up on inequality and helping […]

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