Resillience Ellis Fox Blog

Can construction pull it off?

While many industries have labored under the constraints of lockdown, the construction industry has been steadily increasing output and project starts. This has been encouraging, considering the industry has been plagued by its own set of challenges. The latest of which is the materials shortages […]

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Construction boom Ellis Fox Blog

Projects leading the UK construction boom

Despite the challenges of the past year, there’s one silver lining. After years of decline, the UK construction industry is showing a strong turnaround and is set to lead the way in terms of economic recovery in the UK. A major contributing factor is the […]

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Leadership Ellis Fox Blog

Will Construction Leaders step up?

The past few years have highlighted the good, the bad and the very ugly of leadership in construction. The Carillion collapse that made massive headlines at the time, highlighted that no matter the size of an organization poor leadership can make it fail. Navigating the […]

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Safety construction Ellis Fox blog

Has COVID Compliance resulted in Construction Safety Shortcuts?

Despite the construction industry being one of the few that has been allowed to continue working throughout lockdowns, it has still had to navigate a number of health and safety concerns. When lockdown was initiated in March 2020, one of the primary concerns was how […]

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Producitivity costs Ellis Fox Blog

Productivity – What’s the cost of not getting it right?

2020 has been a year of careful introspection and for many main contractors, an opportunity to streamline their operations and work smarter. In other words, to finally start to make progress towards improving productivity and profits in the industry. With Brexit looming and the pandemic […]

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Green infrastructure Ellis Fox Blog

Green infrastructure – moving past planning a green revolution

Recently the PM Boris Johnson announced an ambitious 10 point green revolution plan. Outlining how the UK can become net zero and achieve its emissions targets by 2050. The plan includes creating at least 250 000 jobs and providing public investment to build the infrastructure […]

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Construction covid lessons Ellis Fox Blog

What has the construction industry learnt from the pandemic?

The construction industry wasn’t in great shape when the pandemic hit, but perhaps that was a good thing. For years there have been calls for change, but little action was taken, because it seemed, there were always more important fires to put out. But earlier […]

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Social value Ellis Fox Blog

Can social value change the landscape of UK construction?

In a move that has been celebrated by many, the UK government recently announced a new approach to public procurement for construction and infrastructure. The social value model will be used to assess tender applications with the view that it’ll create opportunities for many smaller […]

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Executive coaching Ellis Fox Blog

What do executives need from their employers?

There is a great deal of pressure on executive directors to perform. They have to lead their divisions and teams, plan and execute, strategise and report. Every day they have to use their knowledge and expertise to ensure that the company is going in the […]

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Circular economy construction Ellis Fox Blog

Can construction learn to bend?

As the world rethinks business strategies, many are hinting that the only sustainable way of rebuilding the economy is if industry starts to embrace the circular economy. Most senior professionals are aware of the concept of the circular economy, reducing reliance on new resources and […]

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