Job opportunity Ellis Fox Blog

Career Move Considerations

We share three considerations when looking at making a career move in the construction, infrastructure and utilities sectors.

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4 day work week Ellis Fox Blog

Should you switch to a 4 day work week?

Many companies have trialed a 4 day work week. Is it a consideration for your company?

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Net zero construction Ellis Fox Blog

Why is construction the focus of net zero efforts?

The built environment and infrastructure are usually seen as essential parts of an economy. During and following the pandemic there was a strong push to build back better. Some companies took this as a cue to embrace more sustainable building practices while other focussed on […]

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Workplace conflict Ellis Fox blog

How to make the best of a bad work situation

While you may be able to choose which company you work for, the unfortunate reality is that team members come and go and as a result you can’t always choose your work colleagues.  Some people can be difficult to work with, just because of the […]

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Beyond diversity EFB

Why diversity and inclusion needs to reach beyond hiring

Diversity, equality and inclusivity has become increasingly important in the workplace. Not just from a hiring perspective but also in terms of company policies, benefits offered and terms of employment. For many employees, the pandemic ushered in a heightened awareness of how much of home […]

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Construction climate battlefield Ellis Fox Blog

Construction’s new battleground

Environmental awareness is growing exponentially, with governments and industry leaders recognising the need to reduce reliance on virgin resources, reduce waste, become more energy efficient and most importantly reduce carbon footprints. New laws and levies have been implemented with the aim of holding developers and […]

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Green infrastructure Ellis Fox blog

Green Infrastructure: Opportunities and Challenges

With COP26 being hosted in Glasgow this past week, the focus is once again on climate change and net-zero efforts. What’s become evident in recent years is that single approach or solution will not be enough to meet the targets within the tight timeframe we […]

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Employee retention Ellis Fox Blog

Corporate policies that kill retention

Construction is a traditional industry but one would hope that in 2021 people have become more enlightened and that companies are becoming for progressive in their approach to employee engagement and retention. Yet biases still creep into the workplace that can result in conflict, exclusion […]

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Culture change Ellis Fox Blog

Achieving Culture Change in Construction

As life returns to normal in terms of going to work in an office and being able to enjoy a meal at your favourite restaurant, there is also recognition that not everything about the old normal was that great. It is almost as though having […]

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Skills gap mentorship Ellis Fox Blog

How to bridge the skills gap now for a better future in construction

The skills crisis in construction has been talked about for years, yet investment in training and development doesn’t seem to have had much impact. Perhaps because so many construction firms were struggling to keep their heads above water and the pipeline of projects wasn’t looking […]

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