Main contractors hiring 2024 Ellis Fox blog

Part 2 – How Main Contractors are hiring successfully in 2024

Finding top talent is not a new challenge for Main Contractors. The ongoing skills shortage and a competitive candidate market has led companies to rethink their hiring strategies. There’s the realization that major projects or a company name aren’t always enough to attract the right […]

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Profit warning project delays Ellis Fox Blog

Profit warnings and project delays, just another day in construction…

You would think by now we know the industry and come to expect the inevitable project delay or profit warning. Yet somehow the industry still manages to be surprised when they are announced. Makes one wonder which reality they’re living in. If for months and […]

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People productivity

Profits, projects and people – Are Main Contractors dropping the ball?

You have to admit, the goings on in the construction industry have been a bit of a circus in recent years. It seems the industry is always on the back foot, having to come up with excuses as to why performance and output is down […]

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What skills are needed to drive digital transformation in construction?

It is almost as if the construction industry is scrambling to find the panacea that will turn around its fortunes. Amid all the headlines forecasting doom and gloom with regards to Brexit, and reports highlighting less than impressive output, digital transformation consistently comes up as […]

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How can Tier 1 Main Contractors shape the industry for the better?

In decades past, industry performance was gauged by how the big players were performing, and since 2008 there have been few positive results. However, a new trend is emerging, with mid-size contractors showing higher margins and better productivity, despite the continuing challenging economic times. It’s […]

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How big a slice do the big cheeses get – and are they worth it?

As many of the tier one contractors continue to post poor profit margins the question can be asked: Are the top execs really earning their keep? Interserve’s CEO came under fire earlier this year for drawing a large bonus when the company continued to report […]

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