Quantity surveyor career Ellis Fox Blog

How to advance your Quantity Surveyor career

Of all the jobs in the UK construction and infrastructure one of the most in demand right now are quantity surveyors. Yet career progression is not just about finding a higher paying job opportunity. As much as companies are looking to employ quantity surveyors, they […]

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Workplace conflict Ellis Fox blog

How to make the best of a bad work situation

While you may be able to choose which company you work for, the unfortunate reality is that team members come and go and as a result you can’t always choose your work colleagues.  Some people can be difficult to work with, just because of the […]

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Tech skills - digital transformation

Tech skills – making digital transformation work in construction

While the construction industry in the UK is not generally known for its pioneering approach to digital transformation, it’s not necessarily stuck in the dark ages. There are some companies proving that technology can be hugely beneficial to business, from data analysis to engineering and […]

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