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How the UK government plans to fill the skills gap in construction

A recent report estimated that more than a quarter of a million workers will be needed in construction between now and 2028. As a result, government has singled out construction as one of the sectors to benefit from skills development. It’s an ambitious plan with […]

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How can you help bridge the skills gap in Construction and Infrastructure?

The more the industry works to close the skills gap, the more it persists. We talk about perception, how it’s an industry that’s not seen as attractive to work in. We talk about how focusing on improving diversity can bring in untapped expertise, but transformation […]

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How can construction bridge the gaps in 2024?

As we start a new year it’s an opportunity to consider how to do things differently. And we need to, because some of the gaps that remain are a stumbling block for construction as an industry. It seems that whatever progress is made, it’s often […]

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Attracting top talent – what does perception have to do with it?

When interviewing candidates, it’s likely you make an assessment the minute they walk in the room. How they’re dressed, how they communicate – it all influences your initial perception of them. And if you’re honest that perception will likely influence how the interview is conducted. […]

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What can be done about the skills crisis?

It is good that the construction industry is booming with multiple major infrastructure projects coming online. It’s creating more opportunities for companies and individuals. But amid the major expansion plans that most players in the construction sector have, there’s one major flaw. There’s not enough […]

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