Infrastructure efficiency Ellis Fox Blog

Promises vs Reality – What will deliver Infrastructure Efficiency?

When new infrastructure projects are announced it is usually with great fanfare. There’s much focus on the amount of money being invested in the project, how many jobs will be created and the benefits to the public. These are all positives, but the reality is […]

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Overspending EF Blog

The curse of mega projects

For contractors it’s a feather in their cap to say that they’ve worked on a particular mega project, perhaps it’s ego, or optimism, but is seems that there’s a distinct disconnect with the reality of what it takes to make a mega project succeed. No […]

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Profit warning project delays Ellis Fox Blog

Profit warnings and project delays, just another day in construction…

You would think by now we know the industry and come to expect the inevitable project delay or profit warning. Yet somehow the industry still manages to be surprised when they are announced. Makes one wonder which reality they’re living in. If for months and […]

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Infrastructure output flagged as a concern following Crossrail delays

The announcement of a 9 month delay to the opening of the much anticipated new Crossrail project in London, not only made headlines in July 2018. It also highlighted a major concern in the infrastructure industry: Governments inability to deliver on major flagship infrastructure projects. […]

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A High Speed dream that’s fast becoming an ugly reality

Back in 2009, when the idea of a high speed railway linking the north and south of Britain was introduced, it sounded like a fine idea. It would cut travel time between major commercial centres and provide much needed infrastructure and investment all along the […]

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