4 day work week Ellis Fox Blog

Should you trial a 4-day work week?

There have been a number of different responses by companies to address the issues of burnout and ongoing resignations amongst their employees. Work from home, remote working or a flexible hybrid model have almost become the norm. Additionally, a growing trend in the UK, is […]

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Producitivity costs Ellis Fox Blog

Productivity – What’s the cost of not getting it right?

2020 has been a year of careful introspection and for many main contractors, an opportunity to streamline their operations and work smarter. In other words, to finally start to make progress towards improving productivity and profits in the industry. With Brexit looming and the pandemic […]

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Opportunity economic recovery Ellis Fox Blog

Crises and opportunities on the road to recovery

While the primary focus may currently be on the opportunities for economic recovery following the pandemic, the reality is that the challenges that existed prior to March are still around. Brexit is anything but clarified and the likelihood of disruptions caused by major climate events […]

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Coronovirus hospital

What can the UK construction industry learn from the coronavirus outbreak?

The news of the coronavirus outbreak in China has been met with varying emotions; shock, outrage, and fear. The speed at which the disease has spread has left many people panicking.  However, the speed at which the Chinese government has moved to contain and treat […]

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People productivity

Profits, projects and people – Are Main Contractors dropping the ball?

You have to admit, the goings on in the construction industry have been a bit of a circus in recent years. It seems the industry is always on the back foot, having to come up with excuses as to why performance and output is down […]

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Construction Revolution

On 5 July, business and energy secretary Greg Clark, announced a £420 million construction sector deal promising to revolutionize the industry. It’s an ambitious plan that aims to deliver 1.5 million homes by 2022 as well as supporting infrastructure, and to do this in a […]

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Who will drive the innovation in construction?

Technology is driving change at a pace that many companies are finding hard to keep up with. Especially those entrenched in traditional modes of operating. There is no question that change is necessary and innovation is one way to go about it. But in corporate […]

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