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What will be the most sought-after skills in 2024?

2023 has been a year of many disruptions and it’s impacted construction and infrastructure sectors in multiple ways. The one thing that has remained a constant though, is the skills gap. Companies continue to struggle to acquire top talent for multiple reasons. Sometimes they don’t […]

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Future skills Ellis Fox Blog

Now and into the future – How to gain more construction expertise for your company

Construction companies are feeling the skills gap acutely. While it’s been a known issue for a while, it doesn’t seem to be improving. Good candidates know that they are in demand and weigh up their options carefully. As a result, companies are having to work […]

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Construction major projects skills Ellis Fox Blog

How to settle in quickly at a new job

Starting in a new role can be daunting. We share our top tips for settling in quickly.

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Construction leadership Ellis Fox Blog

Old style versus new style management

Construction remains a very traditional industry where the wheels of change turn slowly. While the pandemic forced change through remote working and adoption of digital technologies. Now that we’ve moved past that, some business leaders believe that things to go back to the way they […]

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Mentor Ellis Fox Blog

The value of mentoring

The skills shortage has been an ongoing concern in the construction and infrastructures sectors for a number of years. There have been many suggestions on how to solve it, from encouraging more school leavers to consider the industry to actively recruiting from a more diverse […]

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Management soft skills Ellis Fox Blog

What soft skills can help your career progression?

The marketplace is changing. Whereas once the focus was on qualifications, skills and experience, today companies are looking for more. Knowledge isn’t much use if you can’t disseminate it to your team and get them to implement your vision. So let’s talk for a minute […]

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