Construction productivity Ellis Fox Blog

Productivity, policy and profits

As construction and the development of infrastructure leads the charge towards economic recovery in the UK, there are still some sceptics that question if the industry can actually deliver. Historically main contractors have struggled to maintain profits and productivity and have held on tightly to […]

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Construction change Ellis Fox Blog

When traditions no longer serve us

As Britons we’re very proud of our traditions and our heritage. Rugby, cricket, polo, the country club, and various societies that we are part of remind us of traditions that make us proud. Even in business there is a certain order, a way of doing […]

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Late payments retentions Ellis Fox Blog

Will the hard line on late payments turn construction around?

Ever since the collapse of Carillion in early 2018, retentions and late payments in the construction industry have been a topic of heated debate. Both have a domino effect on the supply chain, with subcontractors and smaller contractors being the hardest hit. 2019 hasn’t been […]

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Act on late payments before it’s too late

The issue of retentions and late payments has been in the spotlight more recently following the Carrillion collapse. But the reality is that this practice has been ongoing for years and it’s having a major impact on SME’s who make up an important sector of […]

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