Management productivity Ellis Fox

How managers can promote productivity

In the debates around four-day work weeks and remote working, one of the main concerns companies have, is productivity. How do managers know that their team is working if they don’t see them in the office? Will they be able to get through their workload […]

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Team business recovery Ellis Fox Blog

Back to work, back on track

Despite ongoing uncertainty and safety concerns, business is opening back up. Many employees that have been working remotely from home are returning to the office and most are only too glad to be getting back to some form of normal. So while it may feel […]

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Infrastructure 2020 Ellis Fox Blog

What does 2020 hold for the infrastructure sector?

Despite lower output in 2019 and challenges of project delays, the infrastructure sector is the one that shows the greatest promise for 2020. Government has announced that major funding is to be made available for the development and improvement of infrastructure. Industry regulators such as […]

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London model for infrastructure

What is needed to develop London’s infrastructure?

Despite the lack of space London continues to add on average 120 000 people to its population each year. This may be putting pressure on the city’s housing capacity, but the more urgent need is to develop a more effective infrastructure. While there are many projects […]

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