Planning green Ellis Fox Blog

The Problem with Planning

It’s that time of year when most companies are closed and operations have practically ground to a halt. For those taking a break it’s a welcome respite and time of rest. For others it can feel as though they’re in limbo, waiting for the new […]

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Environment construction Ellis Fox Blog

How Environmental laws are changing construction

Historically those in construction have not looked favourably on environmental laws. Too often they’ve been viewed as a hinderance, delaying project starts and resulting in additional costs and complications. Environmental impact studies and requirements for nutrient neutrality, for example, are vital to prevent further damage […]

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Infrastructure design Ellis Fox

How is infrastructure design changing?

Historically, most infrastructure development was based on demand and budget availability, and it was accepted that there would be trade-offs along the way. Unfortunately, those trade-offs primarily resulted in environmental damage, biodiversity loss and sometimes cultural loss too. And now as these factors accumulate the […]

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Net Zero construction

What does the future of net-zero construction look like?

One of the biggest challenges construction leaders face when it comes to achieving net-zero is bridging the gap between environmental ideals and construction realities. Building methods are so entrenched that getting everyone to shift and align priorities won’t be easy. Fortunately some main contractors are […]

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Infrastructure efficiency Ellis Fox Blog

Promises vs Reality – What will deliver Infrastructure Efficiency?

When new infrastructure projects are announced it is usually with great fanfare. There’s much focus on the amount of money being invested in the project, how many jobs will be created and the benefits to the public. These are all positives, but the reality is […]

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Construction waste Ellis Fox Blog

Too much construction waste, not enough materials

The current materials supply chain problem that is being experienced in UK construction is a prime example of the liner economy gone wrong. While there is no shortage of waste being produced by infrastructure and construction in the UK, due to a number of factors […]

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Construction productivity Ellis Fox Blog

Productivity, policy and profits

As construction and the development of infrastructure leads the charge towards economic recovery in the UK, there are still some sceptics that question if the industry can actually deliver. Historically main contractors have struggled to maintain profits and productivity and have held on tightly to […]

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Infrastructure funding UK Ellis Fox Blog

Where will infrastructure funding come from?

Infrastructure has been highlighted as one of the sectors that can be a catalyst to economic recovery. The government has set out ambitious plans to expand and improve on roads, rail, water, power and telecoms utilities and set aside billions in funding to kick start […]

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