Heat wave Ellis Fox Blog

UK infrastructure can’t take the heat

The past week saw scorching temperatures across the UK and it wasn’t just the people feeling the heat. The UK’s aging infrastructure took a severe knock with roads blistering and railway lines buckling. In case anyone was still wondering if global warming is a myth, […]

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Flood damage Ellis Fox Blog

Will the UK’s infrastructure survive ongoing storms?

The past week saw the UK battered by three consecutive storms resulting in heavy rain and snow, strong winds and extensive damage to infrastructure. Train stations were flooded, coastal town were battered, and many major roads and motorways became impassable under the deluge of water. […]

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Stormproofing infrastructure Ellis Fox Blog

What can be done to improve storm defence infrastructure?

The number of storm warnings issued during the recent storms Ciara and Dennis tallied almost 800, with over a thousand homes being flooded and many more left without electricity. Historically major flooding events happened every 15 to 20 years in the UK. However, scientists are […]

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Infrastructure flooding EllisFox Blog

Will UK infrastructure sink or swim?

The past week has seen several flood warnings issued in various parts of England as autumn rains are producing much heavier downpours than usual. Some areas experienced a week’s worth of rain in just a few hours and there has already been extensive damage to […]

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