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Why Construction needs to focus on creating Green Spaces in urban areas

In terms of climate change, construction and specifically infrastructure, are facing a number of challenges. Aging infrastructure is proving to be less resilient to extreme weather events. Repairs and upgrades are costly, as are the disruptions to communities while these are undertaken. There are many […]

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Biodiversity Ellis Fox Blog

How will the UK’s BNG requirement impact construction and infrastructure?

To its credit, the UK has taken a global leadership role in defining policy when it comes to environmental matters. As with any country, the challenge is implementation and how to overcome obstacles that crop up along the way. One of the latest policies, due […]

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Planning green Ellis Fox Blog

The Problem with Planning

It’s that time of year when most companies are closed and operations have practically ground to a halt. For those taking a break it’s a welcome respite and time of rest. For others it can feel as though they’re in limbo, waiting for the new […]

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Earth overshoot day Ellis Fox Blog

Earth Overshoot Day – What can construction be doing differently?

The last time that human consumption of natural resources equalled the capacity of what the planet could provide was around 1969. Since then, it’s been a steady decline. The average size of vertebrate population species has declined by 68% while the human population has grown […]

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Energy mix Ellis Fox Blog

Is the UK’s energy mix and security improving?

In recent years there has been a push towards transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewable energy. More recently this has been spurred on by the realisation that continued reliance on gas and oil imports has a detrimental impact on energy security – given global […]

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Candidate move Ellis Fox

How green building is impacting construction value

A renewed focus on sustainability is being fueled by the need to reach net-zero targets in all industry sectors in the UK. The construction industry has traditionally been one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions, through both new build and ongoing building maintenance. But […]

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Green infrastructure Ellis Fox blog

Green Infrastructure: Opportunities and Challenges

With COP26 being hosted in Glasgow this past week, the focus is once again on climate change and net-zero efforts. What’s become evident in recent years is that single approach or solution will not be enough to meet the targets within the tight timeframe we […]

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Construction net zero Ellis Fox Blog

Achieving Net-Zero – 5 Key considerations for Construction Leaders

Highways England recently announced their roadmap for achieving net zero by 2040. As one of the largest infrastructure construction firms in the UK, it is encouraging to see their commitment to reducing environmental impacts and taking the lead in the industry to do so. Accelerating […]

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Green jobs Ellis Fox Blog

Green Jobs in Construction – Opportunities and Challenges

A report was recently published by the Green Jobs Taskforce citing that every UK job has the potential to be green. This aligns with the government’s proposed Green Revolution and is particularly relevant for the construction industry. As the built environment is one of the […]

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Tech transformation Ellis Fox Blog

Technology transformation in Construction

Times of crisis often necessitate innovation. And for an industry that has traditionally been resistant to change, construction is certainly stepping up. Throughout both lockdowns main contractors have had to navigate the challenges of keeping work going amid safety concerns, staff and materials shortages. Many […]

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