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Should you consider becoming a Non-Executive Director?

For many who have achieved a great deal of success in their career, it may get to a point where you wonder; “What’s next?” At a senior level, options are limited simply because there are fewer positions available and senior executives don’t move frequently. However, […]

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How big a slice do the big cheeses get – and are they worth it?

As many of the tier one contractors continue to post poor profit margins the question can be asked: Are the top execs really earning their keep? Interserve’s CEO came under fire earlier this year for drawing a large bonus when the company continued to report […]

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Why your bonus structure can make or break your company

Some companies believe that good financial incentives are the key to attracting and retaining top talent. While this may be true, how these bonuses are structured is just as important. It’s not very motivating for staff to hear they’re getting lower or no bonuses due […]

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