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Should you consider becoming a Non-Executive Director?

For many who have achieved a great deal of success in their career, it may get to a point where you wonder; “What’s next?” At a senior level, options are limited simply because there are fewer positions available and senior executives don’t move frequently. However, […]

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Hiring Construction

Hiring – What details are most important to prevent a disconnect?

There’s a lot of talk about getting hiring right, finding the right fit, matching personalities with culture and values. As much as HR and recruiters believe they are getting this right, not all managers that they’re hiring for agree. Here are my four suggestions to […]

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What’s in a name?

Shakespeare aside, wordplay when describing roles in recruitment can get fairly interesting. The question is; Does a job title make a difference to attracting top candidates? Is it about the role, or do people still value a business title that attaches to it a certain […]

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Is it worth the paper it’s written on?

Traditionally senior management roles carried with them a pre-requisite of a university degree, usually a MBA and preferably from one of the top universities such as Oxford or Cambridge. In recent years, however, some companies are claiming that experience and skill is more important and […]

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Leadership shakeup – is it enough to move construction forward?

In recent months there has been a lot of movement in the upper echelons of construction. While some executives were forced to move on due to a corporate reshuffle, other chose to resign and take up perceivably better opportunities. But is this really making an […]

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What do you need to move into top management?

Traditionally senior roles are filled by those who hold MBA’s or university degrees combined with a depth of on-the-job industry experience. It’s rare for a director or CEO to be without such a qualification. In fact in the UK, less than 2% of top management […]

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