Air Quality Ellis Fox Blog

The question of air quality in the UK

When talking about air quality most people think about outdoor pollution and the smoggy grey skies that hover over industrial areas.  But as the cold winter months approach and the second wave of covid starts to take hold in the UK, people are increasingly concerned […]

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Climate change construction Ellis Fox Blog

What is the construction industry doing about climate change?

If you’re confused by the headline, you’re forgiven. After all isn’t the environment and climate change the job of environmentalists? Sure they may conduct the research and advise what could and should be done. The problem is, no-one’s been listening. And they should have. For […]

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Smart motorways emissions Ellis Fox Blog

Smart innovation – can smart technology help lower emissions on highways?

The technology for smart highways is already being rolled out on several major motorways in the UK, particularly in and around London. To date the focus of the smart technology has primarily been on reducing traffic congestion and improving road safety for commuters. As it […]

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