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How tech is reshaping skills needed in construction

From robotics to augmented reality (AR), the number of technologies making inroads in construction continue to grow. Fortunately, as technologies mature, we seem to have moved past the concerns that technology would replace humans. Instead, companies are now looking for ways to maximise the benefits […]

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Keeping up with emerging technology in construction

Between Chat GPT and Bard the world has been abuzz with talk about generative AI. What it means for different industries, job security and the future of how organizations will be structured. Despite all the hype, in construction, things still move slowly. Yet it’s a […]

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£650bn Infrastructure Pipeline – Big Promises, Big Challenges

The UK Government’s recent announcement that £650bn investment has been earmarked for infrastructure development in the next ten years, hasn’t exactly been met with a great amount of enthusiasm. Those are big numbers, for sure, especially with £31bn available for spending in the next financial […]

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New technologies driving change in construction

There is a great deal of innovation taking place in the construction sector and predictions are that 3D printing and off-site manufacturing may well one day overtake traditional construction methods. There are some that believe the industry could benefit a great deal if this were […]

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How can the UK accelerate infrastructure development?

It’s no secret the country’s aging infrastructure is in dire need of improvement. In fact this has been the argument for gaining approval for some of the more ambitious rail projects such as Crossrail and HS2. The problem is that while most people will agree […]

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