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Has COVID Compliance resulted in Construction Safety Shortcuts?

Despite the construction industry being one of the few that has been allowed to continue working throughout lockdowns, it has still had to navigate a number of health and safety concerns. When lockdown was initiated in March 2020, one of the primary concerns was how […]

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Lockdown fatigue Elllis Fox Blog

How to help employees manage lockdown fatigue

A new year is supposed to be a time of fresh thinking, goal setting and planning. Yet the current lockdown working environment makes that very difficult for managers and employees alike. One can’t even switch on the television to switch off because the news these […]

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Construction covid lessons Ellis Fox Blog

What has the construction industry learnt from the pandemic?

The construction industry wasn’t in great shape when the pandemic hit, but perhaps that was a good thing. For years there have been calls for change, but little action was taken, because it seemed, there were always more important fires to put out. But earlier […]

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Construction contracts post covid-19

While in general the UK construction industry is haunted by its reputation for project delays and poor productivity levels, even the most proficient main contractor will not have been able to avoid the impacts of covid-19.  While the government supported and even encouraged construction sites […]

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What choice do you have?

By now most people are thoroughly sick of watching the news and even browsing social media where every second story is about covid-19. It’s frustrating because nobody asked for this to happen. And yet it is affecting everyone. Perhaps you’ve spent years working hard, building […]

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The great corona construction debate

There is no doubt that weathering the global covid-19 pandemic is placing a strain on everyone, both personally and professionally. There is the fear for personal safety and health, and the wellbeing of friends and loved ones. Then there’s a constant worry about the ability […]

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Getting off the back foot

You have to admit, as much as we all wanted 2020 to be the year of positive change, it has gotten off to a rather chaotic start. Even with the intention to implement positive change in the industry, it’s a little difficult to gain any […]

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