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What does technology bring to construction?

It’s generally perceived that investing in innovative technology is something for early adopters. Those willing to take a risk and who can afford to lose money if it doesn’t pan out. But let’s be honest, what business in any industry right now can afford to […]

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Construction technology Ellis Fox Blog

How is construction advancing with technology?

Predictions that the pandemic might just be the nudge the construction industry needed to accelerate digital transformation have proven true.  A recent survey of more than 900 industry professionals conducted by NBS reports that on average 71% of firms now utilise technologies such as BIM. […]

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Construction labour shortage Ellis Fox Blog

Navigating the Construction Labour Crisis

Labour shortages are nothing new to construction. For years the industry has been warning of the diminishing pool of senior expertise as professionals retire or exit the industry. But now the crunch is being felt at all levels, with main contractors reporting they’re having to […]

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Construction growth Ellis Fox Blog

Construction Growth – Define Good

In a recent report published by Marsh, titled The Future of Construction: A Global Forecast for Construction to 2030, construction is reported to be on the fastest growth trajectory out of all industries in the next decade. Naturally most professionals in the construction industry celebrate […]

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Skills gap mentorship Ellis Fox Blog

How to bridge the skills gap now for a better future in construction

The skills crisis in construction has been talked about for years, yet investment in training and development doesn’t seem to have had much impact. Perhaps because so many construction firms were struggling to keep their heads above water and the pipeline of projects wasn’t looking […]

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Infrastructure Challenges Ellis Fox Blog

£650bn Infrastructure Pipeline – Big Promises, Big Challenges

The UK Government’s recent announcement that £650bn investment has been earmarked for infrastructure development in the next ten years, hasn’t exactly been met with a great amount of enthusiasm. Those are big numbers, for sure, especially with £31bn available for spending in the next financial […]

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Producitivity costs Ellis Fox Blog

Productivity – What’s the cost of not getting it right?

2020 has been a year of careful introspection and for many main contractors, an opportunity to streamline their operations and work smarter. In other words, to finally start to make progress towards improving productivity and profits in the industry. With Brexit looming and the pandemic […]

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Construction Technology Ellis Fox Blog

How is technology helping support construction?

As the UK starts to navigate its second lockdown, businesses have two primary concerns: safety and productivity. Most were just starting to gain momentum again after the initial lock down in March and are of the mindset that they’re not going to be slowing down […]

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