Construction gaps Ellis Fox Blog

How can construction bridge the gaps in 2024?

As we start a new year it’s an opportunity to consider how to do things differently. And we need to, because some of the gaps that remain are a stumbling block for construction as an industry. It seems that whatever progress is made, it’s often […]

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Construction perception Ellis Fox Blog

Attracting top talent – what does perception have to do with it?

When interviewing candidates, it’s likely you make an assessment the minute they walk in the room. How they’re dressed, how they communicate – it all influences your initial perception of them. And if you’re honest that perception will likely influence how the interview is conducted. […]

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Future skills Ellis Fox Blog

Now and into the future – How to gain more construction expertise for your company

Construction companies are feeling the skills gap acutely. While it’s been a known issue for a while, it doesn’t seem to be improving. Good candidates know that they are in demand and weigh up their options carefully. As a result, companies are having to work […]

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Mentor Ellis Fox Blog

The value of mentoring

The skills shortage has been an ongoing concern in the construction and infrastructures sectors for a number of years. There have been many suggestions on how to solve it, from encouraging more school leavers to consider the industry to actively recruiting from a more diverse […]

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Gender Gap Ellis Fox Blog

3 Ways construction companies are working to narrow the gender gap

Construction has often come under fire as an industry for being slow to address diversity and equality, especially when it comes to gender disparities. Historically, women earn less than men in the same roles, are more frequently passed over for promotion, and have to navigate […]

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Employee retention Ellis Fox Blog

How to retain your top employees

The ongoing skills shortage in construction is resulting in many construction firms having to dig deeper into their pockets to keep employees happy. Recently, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reflects exceptionally high bonuses being paid to retain employees in the construction industry. […]

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Hiring right Ellis Fox Blog

3 Tips for hiring amidst a skills shortage

As the news in the construction and infrastructure industries continues its rollercoaster ride, one factor remains steady – the skills shortage. Statistics from October 2021 put the number of vacancies above 40 000, the highest in years, and indications are that it’s only getting worse. […]

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Infrastructure UK Ellis Fox Blog

Can infrastructure deliver government’s promises?

Since the early stages of the pandemic, the infrastructure sector was placed in the limelight as the industry that would help the UK economy weather the uncertainties ahead. Certainly big promises were made of investments and a pipeline of projects and to a degree, some […]

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Great resignation Ellis Fox Blog

Combatting the great resignation

Globally, across all industries, companies are finding it harder to retain employees. A side effect of the pandemic has been that people’s values and priorities have shifted. For many it resulted in the realisation that the job they were working themselves to the bone for, […]

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Construction workers visa Ellis Fox Blog

Can special visas solve the construction skills shortage?

When the new points system for work visas was announced most Brits thought it was a good idea, until industries start to point out that the very people being disqualified by the system were central to the economy. Now a few years down the line […]

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