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Onboarding – How to ensure signed offers translate into starts

The continuing high demand for specialist expertise such quantity surveyors is creating a hiring battleground. Even a signed offer is sometimes not enough to guarantee that a candidate will start. Within the standard 1-3 month notice periods required for senior professionals a lot can happen. […]

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Pay increase Ellis Fox Blog

Should you get a pay increase?

Current world and economic affairs are pretty stressful at present. Inflation is becoming a harsh reality and many people are looking at rising costs compared to what they’re earning and becoming concerned. Without a salary increase, how are they to make ends meet? Unfortunately it’s […]

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Counteroffer Ellis Fox Blog

Will a counter offer keep your best employee?

It’s a moment that most senior managers dread, receiving the resignation of a top performing employee. Should you just let them go, or is there a way to keep them (and their expertise) at the company? The answer can be a bit grey, because it […]

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