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What can be done to improve mental health and safety in construction

In the past year there have been an alarmingly high rate of health and safety incidents on construction sites. From fatal and life altering accident to an increasing number of suicides in the industry, it’s cause for concern. There’s no debate that current economic times […]

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UK infrastructure can’t take the heat

The past week saw scorching temperatures across the UK and it wasn’t just the people feeling the heat. The UK’s aging infrastructure took a severe knock with roads blistering and railway lines buckling. In case anyone was still wondering if global warming is a myth, […]

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Building Safety in the Spotlight

Safety on construction sites remains a challenge for the industry. While not always as catastrophic as the Grenfell fire, which shook up the industry safety standards in a major way, accidents resulting in major injuries and death still occur far too frequently. In recent months, […]

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What does the future of innovation in construction look like?

Sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas that can have the biggest impact and in an industry such as infrastructure and utilities where construction is usually on a massive scale, these small ideas can sometimes be overlooked. Fortunately the industry is seeing a wave of investment […]

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Has COVID Compliance resulted in Construction Safety Shortcuts?

Despite the construction industry being one of the few that has been allowed to continue working throughout lockdowns, it has still had to navigate a number of health and safety concerns. When lockdown was initiated in March 2020, one of the primary concerns was how […]

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