Management productivity Ellis Fox

How managers can promote productivity

In the debates around four-day work weeks and remote working, one of the main concerns companies have, is productivity. How do managers know that their team is working if they don’t see them in the office? Will they be able to get through their workload […]

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Diversity Ellis Fox Blog

Diversity is an issue for men

There’s been much discussion in the construction industry about the gender pay gap and Diversity and Inclusion. Even business research supports the view that the more diverse a company the more likely it is to progress ahead of its competitors. Yet in construction change is […]

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Lockdown fatigue Elllis Fox Blog

How to help employees manage lockdown fatigue

A new year is supposed to be a time of fresh thinking, goal setting and planning. Yet the current lockdown working environment makes that very difficult for managers and employees alike. One can’t even switch on the television to switch off because the news these […]

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Technology and infrastructure Ellis Fox Blog

UK Infrastructure – What difference can technology make?

When a major infrastructure fails to deliver on time or on budget, everyone loses. The contractors involved, the investors, and members of the public and business owners that were promised better transport or utilities. It’s no wonder that when new major infrastructure projects are announced, […]

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Producitivity costs Ellis Fox Blog

Productivity – What’s the cost of not getting it right?

2020 has been a year of careful introspection and for many main contractors, an opportunity to streamline their operations and work smarter. In other words, to finally start to make progress towards improving productivity and profits in the industry. With Brexit looming and the pandemic […]

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Construction Technology Ellis Fox Blog

How is technology helping support construction?

As the UK starts to navigate its second lockdown, businesses have two primary concerns: safety and productivity. Most were just starting to gain momentum again after the initial lock down in March and are of the mindset that they’re not going to be slowing down […]

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Construction productivity Ellis Fox Blog

Productivity, policy and profits

As construction and the development of infrastructure leads the charge towards economic recovery in the UK, there are still some sceptics that question if the industry can actually deliver. Historically main contractors have struggled to maintain profits and productivity and have held on tightly to […]

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