Refit Construction Ellis Fox Blog

Building, fixing or retrofitting? What’s the future for construction?

Two metrics that are frequently used as a litmus test for the health of the industry are: New contract awards and new construction starts. Looking at these metrics in recent months and it paints a rather depressing picture as both are in decline. Added to […]

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Circular economy construction Ellis Fox Blog

Can construction learn to bend?

As the world rethinks business strategies, many are hinting that the only sustainable way of rebuilding the economy is if industry starts to embrace the circular economy. Most senior professionals are aware of the concept of the circular economy, reducing reliance on new resources and […]

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save construction Ellis Fox Blog

5 Key construction management skills needed for recovery

As industry sectors are giving the green light to reopen, concerns about safety remain. But for many construction managers the biggest challenge is making business work, while at the same time navigating all the constraints, impacting factors and concerns. Already in May 2020 the construction […]

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Construction success Ellis Fox Blog

What could stop it from being the ‘Year of Construction’ in the UK?

The figures for February are in and for the first time in 4 years the construction industry can breathe a collective sigh of relief. With the PMI increasing to 52.6 from January figures of 48.4 it is good news indeed. With new orders up it […]

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Circular Economy Ellis Fox Blog

Which change can make the most difference to construction?

There’s a lot that could change in the construction industry; the gender pay gap, the lack of diversity in the industry, the ever increasing skills gap, the persistent culture of late payments, and low cost bidding, to name a few. And all of these in […]

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Late payments retentions Ellis Fox Blog

Will the hard line on late payments turn construction around?

Ever since the collapse of Carillion in early 2018, retentions and late payments in the construction industry have been a topic of heated debate. Both have a domino effect on the supply chain, with subcontractors and smaller contractors being the hardest hit. 2019 hasn’t been […]

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Interims Ellis Fox Recruitment

Are you hiring who you want instead of what you need?

In recruiting there is a lot of talk about finding the right “fit”. People that have similar values to the organization and who will fit in with the company culture. And while this is valid and true, sometimes it pays to shake things up a […]

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Overspending EF Blog

The curse of mega projects

For contractors it’s a feather in their cap to say that they’ve worked on a particular mega project, perhaps it’s ego, or optimism, but is seems that there’s a distinct disconnect with the reality of what it takes to make a mega project succeed. No […]

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Direct labour force skills EF Blog

A direct labour force – is this the change construction needs to secure its future?

Traditionally the construction industry has relied heavily on contract labourers, many of them immigrants and workers from the EU. Now with the turmoil that is Brexit, it’s shining a spotlight on labour sources. If the UK institutes more stringent immigration laws then many existing contract […]

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Profit warning project delays Ellis Fox Blog

Profit warnings and project delays, just another day in construction…

You would think by now we know the industry and come to expect the inevitable project delay or profit warning. Yet somehow the industry still manages to be surprised when they are announced. Makes one wonder which reality they’re living in. If for months and […]

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