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Skills to develop at any stage of your career

The best type of career development happens organically – where you discover an area of interest and seek to expand your knowledge in it. Indeed, there are industry trends that highlight where opportunities exist. Such as in renewable energy, infrastructure resilience and modern methods of […]

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Skills 2024 Ellis Fox Blog

What will be the most sought-after skills in 2024?

2023 has been a year of many disruptions and it’s impacted construction and infrastructure sectors in multiple ways. The one thing that has remained a constant though, is the skills gap. Companies continue to struggle to acquire top talent for multiple reasons. Sometimes they don’t […]

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CEO skills Ellis Fox Blog

CEO skills – what does it take to get to the top?

This week Balfour Beatty announced that their Construction Chief, Mark Bullock will be retiring in December and that they’re on the hunt for a replacement. Those will be big shoes to fill. Balfour Beatty is one of the largest main contractors with a better than […]

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Earth overshoot day Ellis Fox Blog

Earth Overshoot Day – What can construction be doing differently?

The last time that human consumption of natural resources equalled the capacity of what the planet could provide was around 1969. Since then, it’s been a steady decline. The average size of vertebrate population species has declined by 68% while the human population has grown […]

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Construction leadership Ellis Fox Blog

Old style versus new style management

Construction remains a very traditional industry where the wheels of change turn slowly. While the pandemic forced change through remote working and adoption of digital technologies. Now that we’ve moved past that, some business leaders believe that things to go back to the way they […]

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Employee retention Ellis Fox Blog

3 Ways to retain top talent

Hiring in infrastructure and utilities is not easy, the demand for skills far outweighs the supply and most employees are open to considering new opportunities even if they’re not actively looking to move. The result is that it’s becoming harder to retain top talent. The […]

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career progression Ellis Fox blog

How to accelerate your career progression

With the current skills shortage there’s a huge opportunity for ambitious professionals to accelerate moving up in the ranks. In today’s economy it’s no longer about how many years you’ve been in a company. Rather it’s about how much value you can bring to the […]

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team motivated Ellis Fox Blog

How to build a more productive team

As economic times get tougher (can’t recall when last they were easier…) companies tend to put the pressure on managers to do more with less. Stretch the resources, optimise, and tighten the bootstraps, they’re told. But the reality is that old business tactics of buckling […]

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Manager break Ellis Fox Blog

When do Senior Managers take a break?

It’s the end of the year and while most families are preparing for Christmas festivities, most senior managers are sitting with budgets, schedules and project plans. There’s a temptation when things slow down for the holidays to spend the time catching up on all the […]

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In demand skills Ellis Fox Blog

What are the most in-demand skills in a construction downturn?

The forecast for construction going into 2023 indicates a downturn in output and new project starts. This slowdown is to be expected given the inflationary pressure the industry has been feeling in the past few months. The demand for skills remains high, especially as main […]

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