Biodiversity Ellis Fox Blog

How will the UK’s BNG requirement impact construction and infrastructure?

To its credit, the UK has taken a global leadership role in defining policy when it comes to environmental matters. As with any country, the challenge is implementation and how to overcome obstacles that crop up along the way. One of the latest policies, due […]

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Earth overshoot day Ellis Fox Blog

Earth Overshoot Day – What can construction be doing differently?

The last time that human consumption of natural resources equalled the capacity of what the planet could provide was around 1969. Since then, it’s been a steady decline. The average size of vertebrate population species has declined by 68% while the human population has grown […]

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Regeneration Ellis Fox Blog

Should construction be aiming beyond net-zero?

The term net-zero has become synonymous with reducing carbon emissions, waste and the overall carbon footprint of companies and building sites. Several main contractors have made public commitments to achieving this in their operations and this is commendable. By definition net-zero strives to balance the […]

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Infrastructure UK Ellis Fox Blog

Transport infrastructure of the future – why efficiency is key

At a conference in London this week, the head of the National Infrastructure Commission, James Health, shared his view of the role of infrastructure. It goes without saying that good infrastructure is necessary for a healthy economy. But the definition of what this looks like […]

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Modern methods of construction Ellis Fox Blog

Is MMC the key to greater efficiency in construction?

Modern methods of construction are certainly making their mark in the industry, especially in infrastructure. On major projects many main contractors are using offsite construction to speed up construction and it makes sense. Instead of weeks of setting up formwork, prefabricated structures can be brought […]

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Construction materials Ellis Fox blog

A glimpse into the future of materials management in construction

Many main contractors are committed to creating net-zero sites, reducing construction waste and improving management of materials. But it’s not a straight forward task, there are hundreds of elements that need to connect to make this happen. Materials still need to comply with standards and […]

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Earth day commentary Ellis Fox Blog

What does Earth Day mean for construction?

A recent article in Construction Management by David Stockdale, highlighted some concerning statistics. 25% of UK adults still claim that climate change is a myth and effectively the rest say that it leaves them feeling anxious, powerless and negatively affected by it. He then goes […]

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Tech circular economy Ellis Fox Blog

How tech enables a circular economy in construction

There’s a different train of thought that drives the circular economy, and that is to view everything as a resource. Not just materials such as steel, cement, or aggregate, but whole buildings, highways, railways, power stations, etc. If the construction industry aims to become circular […]

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Construction carbon Ellis Fox Blog

Construction, carbon and climate criticism

There’s no denying that construction is historically one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions as an industry. It’s a shaming statistic that the majority of leaders in construction and infrastructure development are well aware of. It’s also not something that can be solved overnight […]

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Infrastructure investment Ellis Fox Blog

UK Infrastructure Investment and the impact on construction

A recent news article in the Guardian highlighted the UK government’s intention to buy a larger stake in Sizewell C – a major nuclear power plant development. The major reason cited is to reduce China’s stake in the project as well as subsequent influence on […]

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