Quantity surveyor career Ellis Fox Blog

How to advance your Quantity Surveyor career

Of all the jobs in the UK construction and infrastructure one of the most in demand right now are quantity surveyors. Yet career progression is not just about finding a higher paying job opportunity. As much as companies are looking to employ quantity surveyors, they […]

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Pay increase Ellis Fox Blog

Should you get a pay increase?

Current world and economic affairs are pretty stressful at present. Inflation is becoming a harsh reality and many people are looking at rising costs compared to what they’re earning and becoming concerned. Without a salary increase, how are they to make ends meet? Unfortunately it’s […]

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VAT cashflow Ellis Fox Blog

VAT and Cash flow – a new headache for Construction

The reverse VAT changes that have recently come into effect are predicted to negatively impact subcontractor cash flows for the next two to three months. In fact there was an industry campaign launched in February 2021 to try stop its implementation. The primary argument for […]

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Infrastructure funding UK Ellis Fox Blog

Where will infrastructure funding come from?

Infrastructure has been highlighted as one of the sectors that can be a catalyst to economic recovery. The government has set out ambitious plans to expand and improve on roads, rail, water, power and telecoms utilities and set aside billions in funding to kick start […]

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Late payments retentions Ellis Fox Blog

Will the hard line on late payments turn construction around?

Ever since the collapse of Carillion in early 2018, retentions and late payments in the construction industry have been a topic of heated debate. Both have a domino effect on the supply chain, with subcontractors and smaller contractors being the hardest hit. 2019 hasn’t been […]

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Overspending EF Blog

The curse of mega projects

For contractors it’s a feather in their cap to say that they’ve worked on a particular mega project, perhaps it’s ego, or optimism, but is seems that there’s a distinct disconnect with the reality of what it takes to make a mega project succeed. No […]

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