Climate Critical – White Paper

Each year the impact of the climate crisis is being felt more, specifically relating to the disruptions to critical infrastructure. What role and responsibility does construction have with regards to climate change and what can be done to change the trajectory that we’re on?

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Construction climate battlefield Ellis Fox Blog

Construction’s new battleground

Environmental awareness is growing exponentially, with governments and industry leaders recognising the need to reduce reliance on virgin resources, reduce waste, become more energy efficient and most importantly reduce carbon footprints. New laws and levies have been implemented with the aim of holding developers and […]

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Construction vehicles Ellis Fox Blog

What’s the future of construction vehicles?

In recent years construction vehicles have come under fire in terms of climate change concerns. Indeed because of their workloads most vehicles are traditionally diesel powered. Diesel is traditionally refined from fossil fuels and contains slightly more carbon than petroleum. Despite this it releases moderately […]

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Construction change Ellis Fox Blog

When traditions no longer serve us

As Britons we’re very proud of our traditions and our heritage. Rugby, cricket, polo, the country club, and various societies that we are part of remind us of traditions that make us proud. Even in business there is a certain order, a way of doing […]

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Infrastructure flooding EllisFox Blog

Will UK infrastructure sink or swim?

The past week has seen several flood warnings issued in various parts of England as autumn rains are producing much heavier downpours than usual. Some areas experienced a week’s worth of rain in just a few hours and there has already been extensive damage to […]

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Climate change construction Ellis Fox Blog

What is the construction industry doing about climate change?

If you’re confused by the headline, you’re forgiven. After all isn’t the environment and climate change the job of environmentalists? Sure they may conduct the research and advise what could and should be done. The problem is, no-one’s been listening. And they should have. For […]

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Climate crisis Ellis Fox Blog

How will construction respond to the climate crisis?

The British government recently announced tough new legislation is on the cards to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis. This has been welcomed in principle because most people recognise that things need to change. We shouldn’t be as dependent on fossil fuels, for example, […]

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