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Circular economy progress in UK construction

A recent news article proudly announced that the use of recycled aggregates is at their highest levels to date. It’s an achievement for sure and something to be proud of, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. According to the report 73.5 million tonnes of […]

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Environment construction Ellis Fox Blog

How Environmental laws are changing construction

Historically those in construction have not looked favourably on environmental laws. Too often they’ve been viewed as a hinderance, delaying project starts and resulting in additional costs and complications. Environmental impact studies and requirements for nutrient neutrality, for example, are vital to prevent further damage […]

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Climate Critical – White Paper

Each year the impact of the climate crisis is being felt more, specifically relating to the disruptions to critical infrastructure. What role and responsibility does construction have with regards to climate change and what can be done to change the trajectory that we’re on?

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Tech circular economy Ellis Fox Blog

How tech enables a circular economy in construction

There’s a different train of thought that drives the circular economy, and that is to view everything as a resource. Not just materials such as steel, cement, or aggregate, but whole buildings, highways, railways, power stations, etc. If the construction industry aims to become circular […]

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Construction carbon Ellis Fox Blog

Construction, carbon and climate criticism

There’s no denying that construction is historically one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions as an industry. It’s a shaming statistic that the majority of leaders in construction and infrastructure development are well aware of. It’s also not something that can be solved overnight […]

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materials recycling Ellis Fox blog

Circling back to Sustainability in Construction

The start of a new year is always a good time to reflect on priorities in line with current challenges and opportunities. Within the construction industry, major headlines bemoan the state of supply shortages and the likelihood that it’s only going to get worse as […]

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Construction outlook 2022 Ellis Fox Blog

What will be different for construction in 2022?

As 2021 draws to a close, the construction industry can applaud itself. While it hasn’t been a year without challenges, overall the outlook remains positive. There have been some significant changes in the industry ushered in by materials and skills shortages. Construction simply had to […]

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2021 construction wins Ellis Fox blog

Did UK construction win or lose in 2021?

It was a year that started optimistically for construction. Output was up, vaccine rollouts were promising a swift end to the pandemic and Brexit was mostly finalised. But a few months in, while output continued to climb, other challenges started to surface – supply shortages, […]

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Green infrastructure Ellis Fox blog

Green Infrastructure: Opportunities and Challenges

With COP26 being hosted in Glasgow this past week, the focus is once again on climate change and net-zero efforts. What’s become evident in recent years is that single approach or solution will not be enough to meet the targets within the tight timeframe we […]

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Net Zero construction

What does the future of net-zero construction look like?

One of the biggest challenges construction leaders face when it comes to achieving net-zero is bridging the gap between environmental ideals and construction realities. Building methods are so entrenched that getting everyone to shift and align priorities won’t be easy. Fortunately some main contractors are […]

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