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Technology transformation in Construction

Times of crisis often necessitate innovation. And for an industry that has traditionally been resistant to change, construction is certainly stepping up. Throughout both lockdowns main contractors have had to navigate the challenges of keeping work going amid safety concerns, staff and materials shortages. Many […]

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Construction Technology Ellis Fox Blog

How is technology helping support construction?

As the UK starts to navigate its second lockdown, businesses have two primary concerns: safety and productivity. Most were just starting to gain momentum again after the initial lock down in March and are of the mindset that they’re not going to be slowing down […]

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Cross Industry Skills Ellis Fox Blog

How construction can benefit from cross sector expertise

With health and safety becoming a primary focus in the majority of workplaces and technology facilitating a shift in operations in 2020, construction is finding itself having to adapt to a fast changing working environment, whether it wants to or not.  While this may be […]

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Can technology facilitate a more efficient & effective construction industry?

It has taken less than a decade to demonstrate the real value of using technology to improve planning, processes and procurement in construction. BIM has now become a standard in major tenders with the industry leaders now embracing BIM level 2. BIM is just the […]

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